Its summertime, back yard BBQ’s, cricket and Australia’s own serial gate crashers. Mosquitoes, they are not only a nuisance they also vectors for some serious arboviruses.

There over 2500 different species worldwide and about 300 in Australia, only a small number of these are vectors of disease yet they are the most common.

The Neat Freaks Mosquito Management and Treatment Program has been designed specifically for residential housing, by our very own Vector Control Specialist.  We inspect to identify any potential breeding areas at your home and provide recommendations for eliminating these risks. External harbourages where mosquitoes are likely to rest, are identified and treated with Health Department approved control agents. The products we use have no odour and are safe to use where pets and animals reside.


External treatment and inspection for mosquitoes

$275 INC GST


Mosquito- borne Diseases: