Fleas in the home can be annoying and irritating to both humans and pets. They are small parasites found on the coats and skin of mammals (pets and humans). They are blood feeders and require a blood meal to be able to reproduce.

The most common are the cat flea and dog flea, often mistakenly called a ground flea.  In fact the small dark fleas found on the ground are unfed fleas; after they take a blood meal they lighten in colour and become larger.

In warmer climates the reproductive cycle can be as short as 14 days. One female flea is capable of laying up to 500 eggs over its life span of around 30 days,  so for every flea found on your pet their maybe hundreds more in the surrounding areas that the pet frequents.

That becomes a lot of fleas.

The Neat Freaks technicians take a very methodical approach to flea treatments, and conduct a second treatment, 14 days after the initial.  It does require some housekeeping duties from the residents at the initial treatment to achieve total control and eliminate an infestation.

Flea treatments are conducted internally and externally, even if the pet is an outdoors pet or vice versa. Fleas & Ticks can be easily transported inside or out on clothing, shoes & socks.


Internal/external treatment for fleas and ticks

Two visits (14 days apart for fleas and 21 days for ticks)