There are about 60 species of native rodents in Australia. Most do not invade urban areas but some can be of economic significance in agriculture. There are also three introduced species of rodents that are of concern in urban areas, and they are a major pest in all areas of Australia.

These rodents are disease carriers and have been directly responsible for millions of deaths throughout history.

- The Roof Rat is an excellent climber and can be found in upper parts of structures, and can nest in ground areas if necessary.  Apart from the risk of disease transmission and food contamination, the roof rat is well known for causing damage to wiring because of its need to constantly gnaw to keep its fast growing incisor teeth down. 

- The house Mouse often mistakenly called a field mouse, has adapted very well to live amongst humans and they depend on us for at least part of their shelter and food. They contaminate our environment with their droppings and urine.

The Neat freaks adopt a 4 stage  integrated pest management approach to rodent control.

- An inspection to determine species and pest densities of animals, and location of harbourages

- Control measures include the monitoring of traps and use of tamper proof baiting stations in areas that only the rats will have access.

- Recommendations for proofing solutions to stop the rats from entering roof spaces, plumbing penetrations and tree overhangs.

-  Advice on hygiene for areas that are attractive to rodents. Limiting access to food, water and shelter reduces the chances of rodents of finding a viable nesting area on your property.



First visit- Inspection and placement of bait stations

Second visit- Inspection and assessment of program, replenish baits as required.