Ever dream of becoming your own boss? Now is the perfect time, with the frequent work we have in your area.

What The Neat Freaks has to offer..

Ever dream of becoming your own boss?

Now is a perfect time.

Get the work-life balance you have always dreamt of while enjoying the frequent work we already have in your area.

Time to Own your future. With our Start Your Cleaning Franchise program, you’ll be able to manage your own hours and receive extensive training that will set you up for success.

You will be able to own your own business and have the training and support of an established company.

Own your future.

Now more than ever, having multiple streams of income is almost a necessity. With the cost of living going up, and hourly pay staying generally the same over the last 6 years investing in a business with high profitability margins is almost a no-brainer.

Here at The Neat Freaks, we’ve always had one mantra and that is giving anyone who wants to work, an affordable investment opportunity. This remains true with low buy-in costs, realistic net worths, and low royalties. Allowing our franchise buyers to retain more profit month by month as their location(s) grow.

Extensive Training Programs

A lot of times when companies sell franchise locations they throw you the book with minimal oversight. Here at The Neat Freaks we value the success of our buyers and maintain constant communication and hands-on help year round. From learning how to properly find quality hires to booking a new client to incentive programs to yield reviews on your pages we make sure you scale quickly and in turn see top-line even quicker.

Below you can see where we rank amongst our competitors in profitability and the time it takes to achieve such numbers.


Jobs Booked in July


Customer Satisfaction




New Locations

Support, Support, Support.

Yes, we sound like a broken record in terms of our presence within supporting you.

Here at The Neat Freaks we are obsessed with efficiency, And when we work with franchisees we’re just as obsessed with making sure your investment receives the same dedicated attention our flagship locations receive.

This means a higher buy in of course, but with that price is simply peace of mind knowing our team is dedicated to making sure you succeed, and you see a ROI within the first 7 months between 20-30%.

This support never dies out, with monthly team meetings, hands on support helping you reply to customers, mitigate bad reviews, We can even fly a senior rep out to assess issues and personally help ramp up operations if needed.
We understand being a business owner is a stressful task, and scary at first. We wanted to offer affordable investment opportunities and be as helpful during that process. We’re in your corner at all times, and are always implementing better systems to make your life easier running your franchise.

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"Linda and her team are amazing, professional, reliable & attention to detail impressive. Having the team conduct office cleans, home cleans and vacate cleans I wouldn't use anybody else. I highly recommend if you are looking for 5 star results."

Tiffany S

"Highly recommend. Everything was cleaned perfectly. I am so happy I found you wonderful ladies ."

Rachael T

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